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How To Be A Powerful Putter

When golfing, it is wise to obtain a pre-action routine. Whether you’re driving, chipping or positioning, adding this pre-action will assist to give you an increased shot. If you lack a good driver, have a look at golf clubs review where I have an incredible review of this team: Ping I15 Driver review Having a […]


4 Steps To Hit Greens From 100 To 200 Yards.

Being left with a shot to the green of 100 to 200 yards is common for most golfers. Many courses are adding par 5’s to test a golfer so having 100 to 200 yards to the green is common. Having the confidence to get the ball on the green consistently will help lower your score. […]


The Basics Of Golf

Gofing Picture this. When you opened your television, you were met with the news that Tiger Woods succeeded in yet another golf tournament. It is then that you convince yourself that becoming like him is not impossible if you just start to learn how to play the game. In order for you to make your […]


Easy Golf Tutorials

Golfing Tiger Woods and golf are two words that are practically inseparable. Scotland was the venue for the earliest golf game ever recorded. The very first time golf was recorded when James II stopped it in 1457 because it interfered with archery. The earliest compilation of golf regulations were put together for Edinburgh Golfers in […]


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