Golf Outings – What To Pack In Your Golf Bag

If we were going to play football, all you need is a ball and a pair of good running shoes. Golf is different. The very purpose of the golf bag is to carry your clubs, but there are also side pockets to carry all sorts of things that we have with us when we play. Here is what you need to put in them.

First of all you will need additional balls for when you lose one, or if it becomes scuffed and unfit to play. You need to have about six additional balls. To hit the ball at the start of each hole you will also need tees. A handful would be enough.

Put two small items to use on the field. You will need a ball marker to mark the location of the ball. You may use a plastic marker or a small coin that you can easily find in a golf shop. Have a few additional in case you lose some during the round.

The other element is a double tool you’ll use to repair marks the ball makes when it hits the green. Always put repair tool and the marker in your golf bag when you go to the course, but when you play keep them both in your pocket.

Take a towel with you and hook it on a ring that hangs from the bag. You’ll use it to clean your club and to clean your ball once you reach the green. Take several towels if it is raining. You will need a fresh towel to dry your hands.

Rain clothes and umbrella are necessary in case of rain, but it is not necessary to put them into your bag if it is not going to rain. Your bag comes with a snap-on cover to protect your clubs from the rain. Make sure you’ve packed that, too.

A glove worn on the left hand (right hand for left-handed) helps you maintain a secure grip on the club. Many players prefer to play without it, so it is up to you to decide whether to take it or not.

Optional items that make playing more comfortable are sunscreen, lip balm, and bandages. Take a bottle of drinking water. A couple of snacks like energy bars or trail food will do a lot of good giving you additional energy. Take a Sharpie to put a mark on your ball so that it can be positively identified.

Put a book of rules to your golf bag, to help you know what to do if you encounter an unusual situation. The best players sometimes take notebook to record ideas on how to play the course next time.

Now that you know what to put in your golf bag if is time to find the right golf bag to satisfy your needs.

There exist a number of great games, and golf is one of the most popular among them. And if you are not just a fan but also play this great game, no doubt you won’t manage without men’s golf bags. Ladies are advised to consider golf bags designed particularly for them – ladies golf bags. Those who searching for something specific, might consider Keri golf bags.

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