Your Questions About Power Point In Golf Swing

Robert asks…

pulling down the but of the club?

when I was at a golf shop I herd of this but I’m not sure if it was just for the irons or for the woods to.
(the guy gave me an iron to swing and told me that on my downswing it should feel as if i was pulling the but of the club towards the grown)
I have used this with my irons and it helps me allot but I’m not sure if I should use it with my driver and woods

admin answers:

From the top of the backswing , pulling down the butt of the club creates the lag required for both power and accuracy. The lag represents the wrists in a stable position almost to the point of impact where they are released through impact.This applies to all clubs where full shots are hit.

Sandy asks…

question about Tiger woods credibility as the “perfect athlete”.?

Im not here to argue on Golf bring a sport.Im here to argue on tiger woods being named the perfect athlete.I mean sure the man has near perfect hand to eye coirdination but what else?Would we as humans send tiger woods to the intergalctic olympics(if there was one ofcourse)? Who would look more foolish:Tiger woods in a one on one b-ball game with MJ or MJ against tiger in 18 holes?People i do believe tiger is a athlete but please he’s not the perfet athlete.If this is a question of who was closest to perfection in their sport then maybe(but then how come they didn’t even put Boby Fischer into the argument?Chess is a sport u know).ESPN passes the National Spelling Bee, does that mean the contenders are athletes?Golf hoovers barley over the blury line between a sport and a hobby and i really dont see how a golfer can be named the perfect athlete.i respect Tiger and the fact that he trains so hard but really this is a major mislabeling or misleading problem.
I dont care how the dictionary defines “athlete” or “sport”.YOu mislead people(and its nearly the same as lying because everybody inlcuding you knows what to expect when one says athlete) when you say the the perfect athlete, and instead of getting MJ or Jesse Owens or Babe Ruth or Ali you get Tiger.In the end this is a major mislabel.Give credit where credit is due.Tiger perfects only a few parts of human ability, Others have made themselves alot rounder in their abilties.Tiger may be oficially classified as an athlete but saying that he’s the perfect athlete is saying hes the most conditioned human ever!and that is my outrage!
Well baseball is more of a sport than Golf mister!I mean it requires more abilities than it.Some are the common average sport abilities:power speed, hand to eye coirdination.Chess requires mental abilites you can argue that its a sport.Bobby Fischer is more perfect at chess than Tiger is at golf.Look at the similarities of the 2 sports.Both are played by all ages and by all belly sizes, and both are questioned on their credibilty as sports.
By the way if u guys haven’t been payin attentio i’ve been saying the whole time i dont agree with tiger being named the perfect athlete.
Ohhh and please dont go telling me Tiger is actually considered really really fit.Tiger does run 2 miles a day but alot more athletes run 5.He may do some push ups everyday but alot more athletes do more.He’s above average at best in speed and strength and through the roof in hand to eye coirdination but please dont go telling me he can actually play soccer effectivley or cycle really good.Hello have you ever heard of a triathlete?

admin answers:

Ok here is Tigers workout from his blog.
“I decided a long time ago to treat golf as a sport and full-time profession. When I’m not playing in a tournament, I train from two to 10 hours a day. I’m always trying to improve my conditioning so I can be a better golfer and athlete. Luckily, I like to work out so training never feels like a chore.
My basic routine includes stretching, core exercises, cardio and weight training. I can spend as much as seven hours on the golf course hitting balls. My trainer, Keith Kleven, designed a great program that keeps my upper and lower body in perfect balance and builds my endurance. Our training sessions are intense and require solid focus. Here’s a look at my typical routine.
Cardio training
Cardio is fundamental to my training program. I start off the day with a run or a bike ride. If it’s a running day, I either do a three mile speed run or an endurance run of up to seven miles.
I enjoy the tempo of cardio, it’s peaceful and a good way to get focused for the rest of the workout. Of course cardio also builds endurance and helps deliver oxygen to the muscles, which gets me ready for 2-3 hours of weights.
Weight training
My weight training program is designed for balance, control and endurance. I lift to enhance my entire body because golf requires upper and lower symmetry. I also develop my right and left sides equally because it improves how I strike the ball.
The idea is to build the strength I need to crush a golf ball rather than develop big muscle volume. I lift sub-maximal weights at higher reps, sometimes 25 to 50, because I’m going for tone and endurance instead of bulk. Bodybuilders usually lift heavier weights in sets of 6-12 because they’re going for mass. Sometimes I add plates to break up the routine and challenge myself, but I rarely lift a lot of weight.
My program works all of my muscle groups but there are a few areas that need extra focus. Golfers are always hunched over, so it’s important to strengthen the back and shoulders to support good posture. Legs are the platform for every swing, so my goal is to create a strong power base.
To keep things interesting, I use a mix of weights, resistance and isometric training. If you keep your muscles guessing, it makes them work harder. Whatever I’m doing, I’m careful not to overstress my muscles. I push to the point of muscle failure, not pain.
Core and flexibility training
Flexibility training is a major component of my regimen. My trainer uses different systems to maintain the flexibility I need to be able to release a powerful swing. I stretch up to 40 minutes before each workout. Then I work on my muscles and joints – from my spine to my toes – to create balance and freedom of movement.
For golfers, core strength is just as important as flexibility. Core muscles help control movement and transfer energy from the center of the body out to the limbs, which can obviously impact how well you strike the ball. My core training builds overall strength and flexibility and helps me maintain an ideal state of posture and symmetry.
My workouts are intense and long, but I listen to my body to avoid injury. I know when I can push it and when I need to back off a bit. I don’t have time for injuries so I train hard but I train smart. A well-rounded program with lots of variety helps me avoid burnout and maintain a high level of conditioning.”
Here is my challenge to you, go to a golf course and shoot 63 and tell me if its harder than hitting a stupid cork ball tied with leather.

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