Your Questions About Power Point In Golf Swing

Robert asks…

Good golf strength exercises to improve distance?

admin answers:

What gives you distance is clubhead speed.
Having strong arms and shoulders does not necessarily mean that you will have great speed.
Read this article of what it takes to hit a golf ball like a proow to Hit a Golf Ball Longer
by Bill Herrfeldt, Demand Media


Flexibility that allows a full shoulder turn will help your distance.

Many players think that swinging a golf club harder is the only way to increase distance, but that’s not true. The harder you swing, the shorter your ball will travel.
Step 1
Work on your flexibility. Ideally, at the top of your golf swing, your shoulders should have turned 90 degrees so they are perpendicular to the ground. That’s opposed to most amateurs, who rely mostly on their hands and arms to swing the club. In any golf tournament you see on television, there are professionals who turn their shoulders beyond that to generate more power and hit their drives consistently over 300 yards. If you increase your turn by as little as 15 degrees, you’ll increase the distance of your golf shots.
Step 2
Increase the speed of your club head by leading with your hips, because you’ll hit the golf ball further if your club head is traveling faster at the point of impact. To prove this point, try throwing a ball using only your arms, keeping your hips and shoulders still. Then throw the ball again; but this time, use your entire body. Undoubtedly, the second ball travels farther. The way you swing a golf club is no different. You increase your club head speed at impact by shifting your weight first, thus creating a whipping action with your arms.
Step 3
Start your downswing only after you have shifted your weight to the front foot by using your hips. By doing so, you increase the resistance between your lower and upper body, sometimes referred to as “torque.” That will result in hitting the ball farther because you will have increased the speed of your club head. It all comes down to how flexible you are, and doing exercises to improve it will pay dividends by improving your game.
Step 4
Practice these changes in your golf swing until they become second nature to you. Meanwhile, you can expect a lot of missed shots and frustration until you improve the timing of your swing. But sometime in the future, you will appreciate all of the work and your handicap will be lower as a result.

Ruth asks…

why can’t i hit a golf ball far?

when i hit the ball off the tee… it only goes 75-125 yards each time
i cant hit the ball of the grass with a iron because i miss … any help?

admin answers:

I am a beginner too…and I had the same problem, until some people at the driving range talked to me. Here is what you do. If this helps, tell me, because I think it will.

First, when you line up to hit a ball with one of your irons, bend over about 30 degrees and MAKE SURE YOUR HANDS ARE LOW. THIS IS KEY. They should be clearly below your belt buckle before you begin your backswing. This may feel awkward at first but it will make it much easier to hit the ball if your hands are low enough. Knees should be slightly bent and feet should be SHOULDER WIDTH apart…no wider than this.

Next, when you start to bring your clubs back, make sure your left arm stays as straight as possible throughout the entire swing. Also, and this is extremely important… Try to keep your back at the exact angle it is bent from when you start your swing to when you connect. If you move your back as you swing, you will likely mishit the ball.

In addition, when you are at the top of your backswing, the front and top of your torso should be facing behind the direction you are hitting the ball. You need this shoulder turn to generate power.

And lastly, follow through. Your right foot (for a right handed golfer) should end up pointed into the ground after your follow through.

The most important advice in all of this though is getting your hands low before you start your swing.

Sharon asks…

how to cure golf hook?

I have just started off the year with a terrible hook in my drives. It is also with my irons, but not quite as bad. When I drive, I am hitting a low hooking shot , and I cant seem to fix it. Just wanted to get some tips on how to work this out… Im guessing its with the grip?

admin answers:

It could be lots of things, grip, swing plane, tempo…..
You can’t resolve something like this on Yahoo….I would suggest getting a lesson from a PGA teaching pro…Get video taped..this may cost a bit but you will know then not only where your flaws are but how to fix them…how to practice them…
When I hit a golf ball, I try to remember a couple of simple things..One, turn with your shoulders and not with your arms..this will help with bringing the club too far inside and thus coming over the top…When starting your SLOW back swing, begin by keeping your left arm straight thus turning with your body, then once you have moved your big muscles you can go ahead and cock your wrists bring the club even further back until the club is parallel to the ground and the head is pointing towards your target…Begin the down swing by just letting the club start to fall…as it gets to about the four o’clock position, pull with your left towards the target…Don’t Swing too hard…A proper swing should make a swoosh sound as the club rips through the air, however this should only occur at the bottom of your swing arc…Next time you are at the range, try not to hit it 300 yrds, but more like 80% power not 100% Take a LESSON !

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