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Steven asks…

How Do I Fix My Golf Slice?

Im 16 years old and I’ve begun to slice the ball only off the tee with my driver or woods. I want to hit the ball straight!!can somebody help me or give me tips? Even a link to some video would be helpful. Thanks

admin answers:

A slice is caused when the driver (or any other club) imparts a left-to-right sidespin on the ball (for righthanders). The sidespin is caused by various reasons:

1. An open clubface at impact. This is when the clubhead fails to square due to wrong ball position. If the ball is teed too far to the right of your left toe, the clubhead meets the ball too early, thus the clubhead does not get the time to square up. The solution, therefore, is too tee the ball a little nearer your left toe. Note that the ball will fly to the left if the ball is too much towards the target. Move the ball towards the target in small increments until you get your desired ball flight.

2. An out-to-in swing path. When your shoulders are open (aimed to the left of the target), it promotes an out-to-in swing path relative to the target line. Many slicers try to compensate for their slice by pointing their shoulders to the left of the target. This makes the slice problem worse.

To checkif your shoulder alignment is the problem, address the ball in your usual way where your feet and hips are square to the target line. Have someone lay a shaft on your chest parallel to your shoulder line. Check where the shaft is pointing. If the shaft is pointing to the left of the target, then your shoulders are open causing the slice.

The remedy is simple: by keeping your feet and hips square to the target line, square or close your shoulders by twisting your upper body to the right until the shaft on your chest points at, or to the right of the target. You may feel a little awkward at first. Note, however, that too much closing of the shoulders will cause the ball to fly to the left. You, therefore, have to adjust the alignment of your shoulders relative to the target in small increments until your ball flies straight. Be conscious about where your shoulders are pointing before every swing in order that you will know how to repeat the shot when the ball flies straight.

3. Backswing is too upright. A too upright backswing will have the tendency to cause an over-the-top downswing which causes an out-to-in swing path which, as stated above, causes a slice.

Read golf magazines like Golf Digest or Golf Tips. They always have cures to a slice.

I hope that you will cure your slice like I cured mine. Enjoy.

Donald asks…

I’m trying to get some feedback on my golf swing video any tips?

admin answers:

Your swing is very upright. It’s difficult to tell fully without a front on view however. Overall it’s not bad.

Setup: Overall very good. Keep the spine angle a little better and bend at the hips, rather than rolling your back and shoulders. Also, add a little more flex to the knees. Even in pants it appears that you’re very stiff and straight in the knees. Stance also looks a touch narrow. What iron is that? 5?6?

Takeaway: your wrists flex too early. You begin the takeaway with the arms and wrists rather than turning the shoulders. This puts you in a very stiff and upright position at the top with little potential for power.

Top of the swing: Good position with the hands, elbow and overall club position. You’re still very upright due to the previous problems with the swing. Also, your torso turn is minimal so your potential for power is diminished.

Downswing: Great move with the lower body. You shorten up just a bit on it rather than releasing through, kind of standing up but it’s not awful. This is all due to the upright nature.

Again, overall a nice swing. Work on a little more flex and standing just a little farther from the ball to shallow out that swing. One piece takeaway before you hinge the wrists and the rest will be fine. You have a great move from the top, putting the club back into the original slot.

Robert asks…

Can You Rate My Golf Swing Please?

Can You please rate my golf swing…and please comment so that I can improve here are the links:

admin answers:

I would give your swing a solid 6. Not bad, but lots of room for improvement. Let’s start at the beginning.

Setup. Your setup is Fair. Your knees appear as though they’re in the locked position. You should get a little flex there. Just a little. You should not feel like a board on your lower body, you should feel like you are in an athletic position and can change direction at any time. Your weight should be in the middle of your feet or slightly toward the balls of your feet only. Next, your hand position needs to press forward a little. Your left wrist is cupped a little too much and this leads to one of the other problems in the takeaway. With the longer clubs, it should appear to you that your grip is slightly forward of the ball as you look at it. If you make a straight line down your arm from your eyes to the ball then that means your hands are behind the ball and you’re adding loft to the club. This position will get more exaggerated looking as you go higher up towards your wedges. Make sure that grip is in front of the ball by your eye sight. This will ensure you have a slight tilt to your shoulders and promote good solid contact.

Takeaway is quick. Your takeaway should be initiated by the upper body, not the wrists. Right now you take the club off the ball too quickly (because of your hand position at address) and cast the club head back behind your hands forcing an over-the-top move at the top. To correct this, choke way up on the club so you have about 8 or so inches of grip inside your hands. When you take the club back and stop before you bend your wrists, you should still see the grip between your forearms. If it’s outside your left forearm or you can’t see at least some of the grip on the inside space between, then you’re still casting. Practice this move. Also, i want you to feel like you’re moving your body onto your right side. Place a chair near your right hip, maybe an inch or 2 away. You should swing back to half way and be able to feel like your upper body is over the part of the chair where the back meets the seat. You should see that crease. This is a turn and shift, not a lean. Right now you’re too upright.

Position at the top – very good. Despite everything else, you have decent hand position at the top. Your hands are a little low and the swing is flat because of the previous problems but it’s not AWFUL.. It will get better by practicing the other stuff. The position is good, but the clubhead is moving all over the place to get there. The only real problem is your body. As i stated before, you’re not shifting your weight to the right side so you have what is called “reverse pivot” going on. Your right sternum is very vertical at the top. Pause the video. Your upper body should be tilted back a little and shoulders turned. Just a little inside 11 o’clock if it’s a clock. Load up on that right side for a good coil.

Downswing through impact — here is a BIG problem. You are going at the ball so hard that your lower body is getting way ahead of your upper body. Coupled with your reverse pivot, this is leading to loss of power and poor position at impact. If you pause your video of the driver and such at impact ,you’ll notice that your right heel is WAY off the ground. This is bad and is causing you to bend the knees too much and throw your hips forward toward the ball instead of rotating toward the target. It also causes the right foot “follow through” slide — also reminiscent of a hip throw rather than a turn. Practice keeping that heel more on the ground and extending through impact. At most your right foot should be about 2 inches at MOST off the ground at impact.

Follow through is off balance to the rear. You’re not driving through to the target with your weight on the left. This is because of the reverse pivot and the over throwing of the hops. It will get better as everything else becomes correct. Practice one thing at a time. Use a mirror or camera and check your positions. Check the video at the bottom.

Paul asks…

Help with my golf swing? (Hooking the driver)?

Ok so I have started hooking my driver, fairway woods, and hybrids really badly recently and I have no idea why. I’m a 10 handicap and because of how badly I’m hitting these clubs, I’m playing like a 30 handicap. I hit my irons perfectly fine but I feel like I’m looping my swing with the woods and coming inside out causing the ball to hook. I also had someone tell me I’m over rotating my hips. Can anyone give me some tips on fixing this problem?

admin answers:

Without seeing roughly 10 swings on a video; it’s hard to say. But here are a few things I’ve gathered.

Hip rotation: Because you stand more upright with longer clubs, it’s a little harder to rotate the hips through the “hitting zone”on impact. This can cause you to stay on your right side (right handed golfers) and not transferring your weight to your left side causing your hands to pass before your hips rotate.

Takeaway: Try taking your “problem clubs” on a more shallow takeaway, focusing on keeping your hips square to the hitting zone, as long as you can.

Shoulder turn: You could be taking a larger shoulder turn on your back-swing.

Grips: Could be worn and not staying “connected” to your glove. Are all of your grips in the bag the same??

*Quick suggestion* Try INTENTIONALLY holding the club face open on impact with your “problem clubs” and view the result.

I hope one of these helps out.

Sandy asks…

check out my golf swing?

i know for a face i should be standing more upright or closer to the ball cause it looks like im hunched over. but what i noticed is on my takeaway my hands raise. i worked on this a while back and never had a problem. took a week off and now its back! i don’t remember how to stop it. could someone give me drills??

admin answers:

First of all its oriented sideways, but it digress. On the backswing you have the club getting inside your hands, you dont want that. On the takeaway when the club is paralell with the ground you want the clubhead in front of your hands or slightly outside. A good drill for this is is to go back to this position, stop, make sure the club hasnt gotten inside your hands, and go to the top and hit the ball. Im sure youve seen mike weir and anthony kim with their pre shot routine where they take the club farther back than most people on the waggle? This is what they are doing, find some video of anthony kim and look at what he does before he hits the ball, this is a great example of the drill i am talking about. Other than that i see a lot of things i like, you have a good athletic setup, nice knee flex, looks like a good shoulder turn on the way back and a nice move through the ball. Keep working at it man.

-johnny wadd

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